Scott Young

Director/Editor Scott Young has worked with many of the world's top advertising agencies, directing well over 200 commercial and web campaigns for clients including YAMAHA, HYUNDAI, LG, BOEING, DAYS INN, COMPUSA, LINCOLN, HONDA, DIRECTV, TACO BELL, and LOWES.  His award winning career has also been featured in ADWEEK, VARIETY, and SHOOT.

In classic LA fashion, Young’s rock & roll band broke up shortly after he arrived in town. This twist of fate delivered him to a post house where he answered phones, stocked the fridge, and discovered a passion for editing.  Young quickly climbed the editorial ranks, honing his craft on numerous projects for many of the industry’s A-list directors and recording artists (Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z).  

Eventually Young graduated to directing, gaining national attention when he wrote - directed - edited “Shooting Star”, an award winning documentary about a senior women’s basketball league that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival.  Focusing on commercials, he then began to build a solid body of spot work with a select group of production companies.  Young still cuts most of the projects he directs and continues to edit other campaigns exclusively.   Most recently he collaborated on the launch of the new Airbnb Experiences program.