Kieran Walsh

Kieran has been directing for over twenty years, and has a large and diverse client base that includes AT&T, Toyota, Coke, Nike, Blue Cross, TD Waterhouse, ESPN, USPS, State Farm, Reebok, Chivas, and Kellogg’s to name but a few. Kieran is a collaborator who understands the delicate balance between director, agency, and client. 

Kieran has always had a rare talent for telling personal stories that resonate with the audience. His dialogue driven work captures traditional and heartfelt, often funny at heart, family experiences, and his ability for coaxing brilliant performances from children and adults alike is well known. Kieran’s commercials for AT&T, ESPN, HSBC, Coca Cola and The Hartford Financial have earned the director respect and praise for his talent for telling personal stories that reach to the core of the human spirit. Performance and dialogue-drive work is where Walsh shines and he explores scripts like a method actor, creating reality within the characters through subtext and back-story.

“I like the challenge of giving the emotional connection between the characters and the viewer a voyeuristic quality and resonance,” explains Walsh. “Audiences are smart and the job of the director and agency is to support an idea through authenticity or the audience will change the channel.”

Kieran is proficient in Spanish, which has allowed agencies to direct both Spanish and English versions of many campaigns. Kieran holds an EU passport allowing him to also work in Europe as a local director. Kieran is also an award winning photographer. His travels to Iceland and Africa resulted in stunning images now featured in a St. Barth’s gallery. And out of 18,000 photographs submitted from over a hundred different countries, 18 of Kieran’s incredible photographs won honorable mention in the Architecture, Abstract, Fine Art, and Landscape categories at the International Photography Award Competition over the last four years.