Scott Betty + Kieran Walsh

Scott and Kieran have a passion for filmmaking & storytelling that draws influences from film, art, music, travel, and life experience. Their talent lies in their ability to tell memorable stories with compelling visuals and authentic performances. For Scott & Kieran, whatever the media, it is all about communicating in a genuine way that speaks to the heart of the story.

The duo has been collaborating for several years in the roles of Director and DP on commercials, digital content, and still shoots. Collaborating over the years has lead them to teaming up and continuing to connect with millennial to baby boomer audiences. Their format has proven successful in increasing viewer engagement in the targeted demographics. In addition their commercial & still work specifically supports social media digital content campaigns to best penetrate targeted markets.

Scott and Kieran are excellent at working with professional, and non-professional actors, putting them at ease and getting comfortable performance on camera. Connecting brands with relatable characters.